Stories with a sparkle

Your organization is located in different countries, maybe even on different continents. Every location has its own employees and ways to communicate, but you also share something truly essential: you share values, wherever you are in the world. 

Why are these shared values so important?

They guide you in your everyday work, they guide you in the overall mission and goals of the organization, they connect you with your team and colleagues all over the world. 

‘Sharing values is more than sharing the company name: they guide you in your mission and everyday goals, they connect you to the people you work for’

What we love to do for you:

We help you find your shared values, make them concrete for every employee
and train you in telling your story with impact. Go impress with your stories with a sparkle.

Meet our trainers:

Ferdi Jansen

Ferdi Jansen

“Dreaming” is nice, “Doing” is even better!
Especially if you’re passionate about what you do.

Centuries ago, Confucius already said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day”.
That is why I became an entrepreneur in 2012, which gave me the freedom to do the things that I love.
One of those things is to help people find their passion in their work and do the things they love.
Finding your “Why” is the first step and I’m here to help!

Cédric Ceulemans

Cédric Ceulemans

Everyone has that spark in their eye when they tell their stories and live up to their own legend.
My mission is to see that spark in your eye. Stories are a powerful instrument!

Over the course of our live they shape our believes and understanding of the world. Stories from various channels like the chat with our relatives ,the films we watch or the articles and books we read are constantly influencing us. We can’t help it, we love stories and are drown to them. They have a great force of persuasion, literally changing us tale after tale. The same goes for the stories we tell ourselves, tending to become our reality.

Crafting your team story will help you understand yours better. It will give you confidence in your role and let you be part of a story where you are the hero!

Sara Huang

Sara Huang

What change are you trying to make? Which purpose are you serving? The answers to these questions will differ from person to person. At present times, we need better and new stories. The world needs us to collaborate better, smarter and quicker. Our common challenges require each and every one of us to rise up and take responsibility. Although we can’t all be leaders we CAN all show leadership and make a difference in our own way.

I am an independent strategic and creative storyfinder. I source and ultilize the wisdom of the crowd. By asking questions to bring awareness and hold space for greater things to emerge. As an enabler I serve by paying attention to the interdependence between human beings, with respect to the unique gift each of us brings to the whole.

Spot on stories:

In the training SPOT ON STORIES you learn to: 

  • formulate and embrace the shared values of the company;
  • make your own personal story that connects with the shared values;
  • tell the story with impact;
  • how to get results, every single time you tell your story.

Results: strong teams

With colleagues who embrace and feel connected with the shared values of the company. 

Who have the motivation, every day, to jump out of bed and start working on the higher goals of the company. Openly proud of being the lucky ones to work there. 

Who become true ambassadors by getting the stories out and listened to, because they are authentic and make impact on the people listening. 

Who build loyal relations with clients and partners. 


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